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cough syrup

•May 18, 2007 • 3 Comments

they weren’t kidding when they said you can get high off cough syrup. i had a coughing fit this morning, so i took two cap fulls of robitussin. that didnt’ stop the coughing so i bought some vicks 44. now my fingers are tingly, and my head is woozy. hahah. total accidental high! i have to admit, im secretly semi-enjoying it 🙂

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weird day in sports

•April 23, 2007 • Leave a Comment

i’m not sure which one was more shocking:

* bosox hit 4 homers in a row

* warriors take game one against the mavs

i think watching the bosox hit 4 in a row seems more unbelievable. i’m sure i’ll see another warriors upset, but i dont know if i’ll see 4 homers in a row ever again. it was insane! plus it was against the yanks which makes it even more sweet! definitely a weird day in sports!

what i’ve learned from the Vtech shootings

•April 20, 2007 • 2 Comments

while reading my list of lessons learned, play this latest song by Mika – Any Other World – i think it fits perfectly.

1) life is short, and everyday is a gift.

2) america has compassion for americans, but no one else. (two days after the shooting, 130+ died in a bombing in bagdhad, that’s 4x the carnage, and it barely got a mention on CNN) a human life is a human life is a human life. why is it so easy for us to dismiss death when its not american? i’m guilty of it too, and i’m not judging anyone, i just want to know, what it is about our society that makes us have compassion for some and not others. is it learned? is it instinctual?

3) web 2.0 has changed the way we interact with one another. email, facebook, and IM were the quickest way for people to get information about loved ones. some people even found out that their friends died because they saw memorials set up in myspace. information is passed in real-time now, and to be honest, i’m a bit fascinated by how much web 2.0 technology is changing how we deal with grief. i came across this feature on cnn, that allows freinds/family to submit messages and prayers about the fallen victims.

4) the news media exploits EVERY angle it can, to make the killer seem LESS american. because its easier to hate someone that’s not american than it is to hate one of our own. a lot of people have talked about how they’re playing up his asian immigrant status, but i think they woudl’ve done this regardless of where he immigrated from. again, the media is simply exploiting the most non-american parts about him.

5) the FCC is hyprocritical. they go crazy when janet jackson’s boob is shown accidentally for less than a second, but they deem it appropriate and less offensive to show a mentally deranged kid pointing a gun at the camera with videos spewing hate speech and again, more GUNS pointed stright at the cameras into our living rooms. and they dont just show it once, i watched tv for like 10 mins, and i must’ve seen the video footage at least 7 times. and any newspaper or CNN ran a picture of the kid with the guns. to me, these images are WAY more unsettling and offensive than a nano-second flash of a wayward breast. give me a break. it’s no wonder kids have such messed up notions of self image, and have so many violence/anger issues nowadays.

6) there’s no way the head of the college coudl’ve predicted this would’ve happened, and i know everyone will be quick to jump on him and the police. but that’s why these are tragedies. could things have been done differently? yes! but hindsight always gives us the chance to pass blame. same thing could be said about ANY tragedy. of course it could’ve been avoided if we knew then what we know now. and personally, i think its unfair to lay all the blame on the school and the president, when the blame SHOULD FALL solely on the effin’ guy that shot everyone.

i want to speak to al gore…

•April 9, 2007 • 2 Comments

its easter sunday, and it snowed!  wtf.  global warming, smchobal warming.

i watched a couple of dvds this weekend, and i came to the following conclusion:

watching ashton kutcher act in The Guardian was painful, UNTIL i watched zach braff act in Last Kiss.  Maybe i was just cranky when i watched the movies,  and the movies themselves weren’t that bad, but jeeez, watching these two guys “act” is a chore!

happy easter ya’ll

•April 6, 2007 • 2 Comments


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wearing my serious hat today

•April 5, 2007 • 6 Comments

two different issues today: i shall call it,


(1) Pelosi Goes to Syria – Seriously, are we still in 5th grade? Do we need to call our peer counselors? Bush claims that Syria supports and funds terrorist groups and should be isolated from the global community. Honestly, does that really work? If Syria is indeed funding anti-US terrorist, would Syria really care if the US didn’t talk to them? I commend Pelosi for getting in the face of our supposed enemy, and talking to them directly. If you have beef with someone, doesn’t the most effective and most mature course of action involve talking to that person directly, rather than pretending they don’t exist and getting all your friends to stop talking to them too. this isn’t Mean Girls, this is our effed up real world.

(2) No More Sunsets

This former meth addict recently passed away.  He created a 30 minute documentary chronicling his death, and how it effected his family.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Some people are applauding him, and saying its great that he did this, it was very strong of him, etc etc.  Other people are saying, wtf!? he got what he deserved, he’s a drug addict.

Now as a fellow human being, my first instinct is to have compassion for him and his family.   A life lost is a life lost.  However, is he a role model?  I guess I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not to admire someone for making the most of his tragic life, of if I should say, forget that, he ruined his own life, and yes its sad that he passed away, but that’s the bed he made for himself.